Simba Dojo students are required to wear a traditional white karate gi.  The gi should be a kimono-like wrap around gi, not the pullover type used in TKD.  We ask that students do not wear gis from other dojos.  There should be no markings, patches or school advertisements on the gi.

There are many ways to obtain a student gi.  You can purchase them online through one of hundreds martial arts suppliers such as Cenury Martial Arts.  It has been our experience, however, we often buy the wrong size and it can be difficult to exchange them.  We recommend that you buy your gis at Karate Mart at 1411 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013, were you can try on the gi before you buy it.  Prices will vary from around 25 dollars depending on size, material and brand.

Alternatively you can buy an official Simba Dojo gi from us.  These gis run about 110 dollars each depending on several options.  Please contact us for exact price.  We put a lot of thought into choosing a gi to represent our dojo.  We wanted a high quality, traditional Okinawan gi that was affordable.  We wanted a gi that was comparable to those worn in Japan, not the typical gi found in American Dojos.  Our gis are cut to traditional Okinawan standards and are designed differently than the “American cut” gis you order online or buy locally.  Okinawan gis tend to be a little longer at the torso, keeping the gi tucked in the belt during heavy practice.  The sleeves and legs are cut a little shorter with heavy stitching giving that classic pop sound when you punch and kick.  They are made from high quality 100% cotton material with durable stitching that should last for years.  We have these gis custom embroidered with Japanese Kanji that reads lion spirit to represent our dojo in the customary manner that you will find in Japan.  Additionally we can have your gi customized with your name in Japanese on the bottom lapel.  Our gis are comparable to the much more expensive Japanese gis that cost up to four times more!  After wearing these gis for years, I have a difficult time going back to my older gis which are thinner and just feel (cheap) less durable.