Happy Holidays!

We hope everyone had a great holiday this year!  Despite all the hardships, we took time to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas!  

As we approach the new year, we at Simba Dojo are planning several critical changes.  

First, the class schedule has changed.  Our 4 o'clock class has moved to 4:30 pm to accommodate Sensei CC's new work schedule. We have reached out to most of our current members and the consensus seemed to be that this would work out better for most people.

Second, our trial class out at Redmond Field is now a permanent class time for us.  For as long as the weather is appropriate and members utilize the option we will be having classes on the field.

Third, during our holiday class we rolled out our new branded uniforms!  As we are continuously looking at ways of building team spirit and identity, much attention is put on the karate gi.  We have chosen three uniform options for our members that now bare our very own label!

Fourth, we are looking at some design changes in our certificates as well.  As you know our current certificates are first class individually handcrafted design.  We are keeping the same concept, but upgrading the paper to imported Japanese paper.  We have also updated our dojo seal as well.  We think you will be pleased with the new design!

Finally, we hope that we will always find ways to change for the better.  We have many new ideas heading forward and hope to bring them to you in the near future!

Thanks for hanging in there!

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021