The costs of participating with Simba Dojo is very reasonable.  There are no hidden fees, no contracts, and no 'extras' that you have to buy other than what is listed below.  Anything not listed below would be considered optional activities and not required by us.

AAU Membership:  $18 per child and $40 per adult per membership year, September to September (Required)

Tuition:  $30 per Month per student (Required)*

Uniform:  Price varies from $30 for the cheapest quality to several hundred.  We will help you pick out the right options for you.

*Note:  Due to operation cost reductions club dues are now 50% off!  $30 per month per student.  All club fees are due at the beginning of each month.  If there is a problem or issue, please come and talk to us!  Our goal is to keep everyone on the floor and progressing in the art of Karate-Do!