In general, we charge an average of 50 percent less than the local martial arts studios. We have lower overhead and our mission is to give back to the community and make karate available to everyone! Each location at Simba Dojo has a different fee structure as we have different requirements we must meet and different learning opportunities at each facility. Another unique feature of Simba Dojo is that we do not use tuition contracts. You can pay per month or per class, simple as that! From a business standpoint this may be a bad idea, however, from a consumer point of view, this is a huge selling point. Our tuition does not raise over time with no hidden fees. Participation in events, equipment, and gi’s are optional and may have additional charges.

The tuition at the Verrado location is $60 per month per person. This includes all available classes. See our class schedule. We also offer family rates of $180 per month. Verrado residents enjoy a $10 discount.