COVID-19 Update: Classes Resume 6-17-20

Classes resume:  June 17, 2020

Where: The Center on Main™ in Verrado®

4239 N Village Street

Buckeye, AZ 85396, USA

Days:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Time:4:00 to 5:00 pm and 7:30 to 8:30 pm

Safety Action Plan

  • 1. The exercise room has a maximum capacity of 20 people.  We ask that if we have over 20 people come into the room that non-participating spectators wait outside as the students take priority.
  • 2.We ask that all students take an active approach in keeping our environment safe. Floors to be cleaned before and after class.  Chairs and or other equipment used in the room need to be cleaned before putting them away.  All students are encouraged to help with this process.
  • 3.Students are encouraged to bring to class their own yoga mats.  This will help in providing a barrier between the floor and the body.
  • 4.We ask that all students be mindful of social distancing.  Please maintain appropriate boundaries and space yourselves away from each other.  Children to exercise their best behavior, no running around and no touching other children or adults.
  • 5.Students are to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer prior to coming into class and after leaving class.If you are having symptoms of being sick, please stay home and do not place your fellow classmates at risk.
  • 6.Face masks have been made optional by The Assembly at this time.  Face masks are recommended by the CDC to slow the spread of viruses.  Be kind to your neighbor and wear a face mask whenever possible.
  • 7.Students must maintain personal health insurance.  It is important to note that our liability insurance does not cover a viral outbreak.  The use of the facilities and attendance of the classes are at your own risk.  However, with common sense and the help of everyone I believe that the risks can be kept at minimum.
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Alert COVID-19: Classes have been temporarily susp...
COVID-19 Class Update


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Soretha J.

Simba Dojo goes beyond martial arts training to complete mind and body training. Control of one’s self is all that we can control.

J. Pfeifer

Karate has made me happier and has given me more agility as well as more endurance.

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Dwight T.

Karate has helped me to be more serious and show more hard work. I think this dojo is awesome because my friends and senseis always work hard together and have fun.

James K.

Karate has helped me with better behavior. I like karate because I learn how to defend myself with my senses.

Joseph K.
6th Kyu

Karate has helped me become a better Listener. Sensei Cece and Sensei Woody are the best teachers ever.

Jonathan K.
6th Kyu

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Patti C.

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