• Register for Belt Testing!
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    Register now for grading!  

    It’s that time again!  Our next kyu testing date is Saturday, May 14, 2022, and will be here in no time.  In order to be prepared for this event, we need you to register as early as possible.  Syllabi will be available upon registration.  The registration fee is $25.  

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  • Simba Dojo and COVID 19
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    Simba Dojo and COVID 19

    Please do not come to class if experiencing symptoms!

    Get vaccinated for both the flu and COVID!

    Keep your distance from others in class!

    Help keep your environment clean!

    Wash your hands before and after class!

    Use an anti-viral hand lotion!

    Wear your face mask and or shield while in class!

    Make it a habit to wear your gi to class.

    Wash your gi after every workout.

    Shower shortly after each workout.

    Use common sense and respect the rights of others.

    Above all else, take care of yourself!

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  • No Class Dates!
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    Hello, the Verrado Assembly will be utilizing the room that we normally have class in on the following days:

     Wednesday, March 9

     Wednesday, April 13

     Wednesday, May 11

     Regular Karate classes will not be held at that time.  We will be looking at alternative programming during that time as they are allowing us to use of the patio and park.

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Tuesday, 05 April 2022 06:07

What is a Haiku?

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A haiku (俳句) is a type of Japanese poem that consists of 17 syllables.  In the simplest sense, a haiku can be written and enjoyed by everyone!  The haiku does not have to employ words that rhyme such as in other types of poetry, but it does have a rhythm and rules that govern its formation.  In Japan haiku is written in a single vertical line.  In English, the three phrases are written as three separate lines.  Traditionally a haiku is written using this framework:


  1. Kiru: The use of a cutting word that separates two ideas.
  2. On: A haiku consists of 17 syllables total, with three phrases. The first and third phrase consisting of 5 syllables, while the middle phrase has 7.
  3. Kijo:A reference to the seasons with topics that can extend to the heavens, earth, weather, nature, animals, and others.
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Simba Dojo Haiku

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Pines wave in the breeze,

 Karate is my life dream,

 Simba my spirit.

                       -Sensei Miller