Goodyear Recreation Department
3075 N. Litchfield Rd.
Goodyear Arizona 85395 United States

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Designed for the beginner and the curious who just want to learn karate.  Classes at the Goodyear Recreation are held one day a week.

Shotokan Karate Classes:  Every Monday from 6pm to 7pm.

Please see class schedule for exact dates and times as variations may occur.


Registration Fee:
$10 / month (Goodyear Residents)
$20 / month (non-Goodyear Residents)
Payable to the Goodyear Recreation Department
Instructor Fee:
$20 / month for first person
$15 /month each additional family member
Paid to the instructor at begining of each month.

So total cost is $30 for Googyear Residents and $40 for non-residents per month.

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