My family and I are back in South Africa, Johannesburg and ready for Easter
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for receiving us in such a
welcoming heart felt way. I do know that you meet new visitors every day and
hope that you can remember us.
(Family from South Africa Interested in your teachings of Shotokan karate).
We were so fascinated by your story and the way you told you story in such
positive way. I absolutely fell in love with Verrado and the way people
interact and socialize with each other in such unconditional manner.
You made such an impression on our Family and the way of thinking and
approaching live.
The children were all smiling and people looked happy and at peace with
themselves and environment.
What a fantastic community and way of living.
Congratulations to you and community for creating that beautiful and serene
I also told our Sensei about you and your philosophy on life and Karate.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Soretha J.
9 December 2019

Simba Dojo goes beyond martial arts training to complete mind and body training. Control of one’s self is all that we can control.

J. Pfeifer
9 December 2019

Karate has made me happier and has given me more agility as well as more endurance.

Zoe T.
9 December 2019

The past few months practicing at Simba Dojo have been fun and challenging. I am learning and growing in the beginnings of what I see as a long and worthwhile journey in bringing body and mind in the traditions, old and new, of the martial art. I look forward to the classes and hope for a long life of learning.

Dwight T.
9 December 2019

Karate has helped me to be more serious and show more hard work. I think this dojo is awesome because my friends and senseis always work hard together and have fun.

James K.
9 December 2019

Karate has helped me with better behavior. I like karate because I learn how to defend myself with my senses.

Joseph K.
6th Kyu
9 December 2019

Karate has helped me become a better Listener. Sensei Cece and Sensei Woody are the best teachers ever.

Jonathan K.
6th Kyu
9 December 2019

Simba Dojo has been a fantastic experience for me. They have plenty of classes at different times so it is easy to work with my schedule. The classes offered have no pressure to compete with the ability of others, but rather on focusing on making yourself better. I highly recommend this dojo for anyone of any age or ability

Patti C.
9 December 2019

My daughter had been begging to begin karate. We had avoided it because we had heard more dissatisfied parents about fees and various other issues. When I saw City of Goodyear Rec offered Karate at a very affordable rate I decided to check it out and if she liked it move to a non-rec organization. Well I have been so impressed with Sensei Cece & Woody I have no plans on leaving them. Amazing caring and loving individuals that my daughter cares deeply for. She loves her sessions and I have seen maturity and growth in who she is. Love this program!

Kathy M.
9 December 2019