Tuition:  Club dues are just $30 per month per student.  No contracts, no hidden fees!

AAU Membership:  Required of all students is an AAU membership with Extended Coverage.  Annual (Sept to Sept) fees of $18 for children and $30 for adults. 

Uniform (gi):  Uniform is not included with membership and is not required for the beginning students.  To purchase a uniform, please see our Karate Uniform page.

New Students:  It is easy to get started!  Just show up for one of our classes and try it out without cost or obligation.  We will answer all your questions and help you with the application process. Alternatively, you can complete the application process and sign up for AAU online.

Dojo Application:  The application is required for all new students.  It is important that you fill out the application page fully and accurately as the information will be used on your transcript and certificates with us.  A separate application form must be filled out for each student.  Important note:  The name you put on your transcript must match the name we will use on your certificates.

Amateur Athletic Union:  Simba Dojo is a member of the Amateur Athletic Union National Karate Program.  As a subsequent result, all individuals who participate in Simba Dojo activities must also be registered athletes with AAU.  Important:  AAU provides you with liability insurance and you must choose extended coverage to participate in club activities!  You can sign up for AAU or have us assist you with the process.  Please use the following information when signing up as an athlete:


Membership type:  Athlete, Extended A/B

Sport:  Karate

Club Name: Simba Dojo, Arizona Shotokan Karate

Sept 2022 – Sept 2023  Club Code:  W375F7 

Other Clubs:  Simba Dojo also hosts the Line Dance Club and Chess Club here in Verrado®.  Both are free to join!  Please go to their respective pages for more information.

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