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Japan Karate Association

The Japan Karate Association is the oldest and most influential martial arts organization.  It is officially approved by the Japanese as an association of members for the promotion of karate.  The organization was originally formed by Gichin Funakoshi's senior students, Isao Obata, Masatoshi Nakayama and Hidetake Nishiyama on May 27, 1949.

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Jiyu ippon

(jye-oo ih-pon): Free one step sparring

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(gee-you koo-me-teh): Free sparring

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(joe-dahn) Upper (face) Level

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(joe-dahn oo-kay): Upper level block

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(joe-dahn zoo-key): Upper (face) level punch

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(joo): Ten

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(jew-gee oo-kay): X-block

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Junan Taiso

Junan means flexibility (But it can also mean agony, suffering, torment, etc) while Taiso refers to body conditioning.

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