Simba Dojo Karate Gi (Uniform)

Simba Dojo requires no uniform for the beginning student as it is an extra expense while you are evaluating the class.  A gi will be required, however, before you test for your first kyu or belt.  The gi symbolizes the karate spirit and is your first essential equipment you will want to purchase.  A gi gives the student practitioner a sense of pride and sets the stage for serious practice.  We highly recommend 100% cotton material for a serious workout.  Cotton is much more breathable than poly blends.  Polly blends have the advantage of being cheaper, wrinkle resistant and require less care than cotton.  However, poly blends can be less comfortable during heavy exercise as they retain both heat and moisture.  Since you will be purchasing a gi to workout in, comfort and breathability is your essential consideration.  You may purchase your own preferred brand of gi or use your old club gi if it is a standard white karate gi with no other club patches or insignia.  You can purchase a club breast patch separately from us and place it on your own gi.  It is important for us to create a unified club spirit and identity.

We at Simba Dojo have used many gi over the course of our training and know what we like in a gi.  We have worked out a deal with our favorite gi manufacturers and can now offer our own line of branded gi.  These are high-quality gi, meeting our standards and are equivalent to the gi you would find in Japan but at a fraction of the price! 

Okinawan cut Gi 10oz 100% cotton 

This is our recommended uniform, that you will be proud to wear for years to come.  This high-quality uniform is made of 100% cotton 10 oz. Canvas which breathes easier and will allow you to focus on your motion. This uniform is comparable to the more expensive Japanese Karate uniform in both quality and style.  Unlike the American cut uniform this one is tailored to Japanese specifications in which the cuts are made with shorter sleeve, longer jacket, and shorter pants.  It is designed to be breathable and comfortable allowing for smoother motion.  The sleeves and leggings have reinforced stitching to give that classic pop in your karate techniques making them more impressive.  An ideal Karate uniform for intermediate and advanced practitioners.  This is the same uniform your instructor's wear!  To obtain an official club gi it must be ordered here through us.

Club Insignia Option:

Simba Dojo uses the kanji 獅神 or “Lion Spirit” as our club insignia.  The kanji is placed on the breast of our gi in one of two ways, using a patch or direct embroidery on the uniform.  The patches are embroidered with an iron on backing that can be stitched in for extra durability.  Patches were designed so they appear to be embroidered directly to the fabric and is the least expensive option.  For a little more, you can have the insignia directly embroidered to the gi which is the more durable option.  Direct embroidery uses a different kanji font than the patch, but both mean the same thing.  Either option, patch or direct embroidery will give you an attractive gi that you will love and cherish for years to come.

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