How to Start:  Becoming a new student with us is easy!  All you have to do is show up to one of our classes on Monday, Wednesday or Friday!  You can check out our class schedule by navigating here or just look to the right of this page.  Remember, you can always try out a class before you make a decision to join!  We encourage you to make a reservation to ensure your spot at The Center on Main by going to our reservation page here

Please note:  We do require all students to wear a mask when they enter the building and during the class despite the current legislation or the current Verrado Assembly directives.  There are many concerns and view points about wearing masks and we are not interested in engaging in debates.  We cannot not keep everyone happy, nor can we keep anyone totally safe, but it is our responsibility to be prudent when it comes to COVID.  Our decision on this matter is firm, we want to keep everyone safe and healthy as that is purpose for our practice.

Application and Waivers:  As a condition of practicing with us, each student must complete an application and three waivers.  The Waivers must be signed prior to engaging in any kind of practice with us whether you are just taking a trial class or signing up as a full member.  We ask that each member assume all risks, be responsible for their personal safety and medical care and waive the right to hold us responsible.  Though we have not had any serious accidents in any of our classes, the possibility does remain.  Along with the liability waiver, we also request you agree to a photo release and the new COVID waiver. A separate waiver must be filled out for each student in a family.

It is important that you fill out the application page fully and accurately as this will also serve as your transcript with us.  You can keep a copy to track your personal progress in the art and we will use the form to do the same.  A separate application form must be filled out for each student as these will also serve as your transcripts.

Club Dues:  All club fees are due at the beginning of each month.  If there is a problem or issue, please come and talk to us!  Our goal is to keep everyone on the floor and progressing in the art of Karate-Do!