Fees:  The costs of participating with Simba Dojo is very reasonable.  There are no hidden fees, no contracts, and no 'extras' that you have to buy other than what is listed below.  Anything not listed below would be considered optional activities and not required by us.

AAU Membership:  $18 per child and $40 per adult per membership year, September to September (Required)

Tuition:  $30 per Month per student(Required)*

Uniform:  Price varies from $30 for the cheapest quality to several hundred.  We will help you pick out the right options for you.

How to Start:  Becoming a new student with us is easy!  All you have to do is show up to one of our classes on Monday, Wednesday or Friday!  Remember, you can always try out a class before you make a decision to join!  We encourage you to make a reservation to ensure your spot at The Center on Main by going to our reservation page.

Please Note:  We do highly recommend all students wear a mask when they enter the building and during the class!  Please abide by all rules and regulations that The Center has.  Remember we are all guests in the building.  

The Paperwork:  Once you have decided to join our dojo then you will want to complete the membership requirements and join the Amateur Athletic Union and complete the Dojo Application.

Dojo Application:  The application is required for all new students.  It is important that you fill out the application page fully and accurately as the information will be used on your transcript and certificates with us.  It serves many purposes, giving us your contact information, and more importantly, it helps us keep track of your progress in the art of karate-do.  A separate application form must be filled out for each student.  Important note:  The name you put on your transcript must match the name we will use on your certificates.

As a condition of practicing with us, each student must complete three waivers, now included on the application page.  The Waivers must be signed prior to engaging in any kind of practice with us whether you are just taking a trial class or signing up as a full member.  We ask that each member assume all risks, be responsible for their personal safety and medical care and waive the right to hold us responsible.  Though we have not had any serious accidents in any of our classes, the possibility does remain.  Along with the liability waiver, we also request you agree to a photo release and the new COVID waiver. A separate waiver must be filled out for each student in a family.

Amateur Athletic Union:  Simba Dojo is a member of the Amateur Athletic Union National Karate Program.  As a subsequent result, all individuals who participate in Simba Dojo activities must also be registered athletes with AAU.  Important:  AAU provides you with liability insurance and you must choose extended coverage to participate in club activities!  Membership fees are reasonable and include liability insurance. To join please follow these steps:

Website:  Https://aausports.org/

AAU button in the upper right corner

Goto Get a Membership

Choose Athlete Membership (youth or adult)

Goto Create an Account complete this section (save your information) then

Goto Get a Membership

Must choose Karate as the sport

Coverage:  Must choose Extended A/B

Club Name: Simba Dojo, Arizona Shotokan Karate

Sept 2022 – Sept 2023  Club Code:  W375F7 


 Uniform (gi):  Uniform is not included with membership and is not required for the beginning student.  To purchase a uniform, please see our Karate Uniform page


*Note:  Due to operation cost reductions club dues are now 50% off!  $30 per month per student.  All club fees are due at the beginning of each month.  If there is a problem or issue, please come and talk to us!  Our goal is to keep everyone on the floor and progressing in the art of Karate-Do!

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