In order to begin as a student with Simba Dojo you will have to agree with all of our terms of service as follows:


I agree to adhere to and sign all waivers of liability.

I understand that if I choose to participate in any activities with Simba Dojo, I do so at my own risk.

I also agree not to hold the club administrators, instructors, or other students liable for any injury or sickness that I may obtain.

I understand that membership fees must be paid at the beginning of each month.

I understand that I cannot attend class if I am not feeling well and am able to return only when safe to do so.

I will abide by all state and federal laws as well as the rules set by The Center on Main.

I also agree to follow the Dojo kun or rules of conduct while engaging in any club activity or using the facility.

I understand that my club membership can be terminated at any time by myself or its administrators.


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