My daughter had been begging to begin karate. We had avoided it because we had heard more dissatisfied parents about fees and various other issues.

When I saw City Of Goodyear Rec offered Karate at a very affordable rate I decided to check it out and if she liked it move to a non-rec organization. Well I have been so impressed with Sensei Cece & Woody I have no plans on leaving them. Amazing caring and loving individuals that my daughter cares deeply for.

She loves her sessions and I have seen maturity and growth in who she is. Love this program

K. McNamara
14 November 2016

Simba Dojo has been a fantastic experience for me. They have plenty of classes at different times so it is easy to work with my schedule. The classes offered have no pressure to compete with the ability of others, but rather on focusing on making yourself better. I highly recommend this dojo for anyone of any age or ability.

P. Croxton
09 November 2016
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