Kyu Gradings:  Twice a year our students undergo a strenuous grading process to measure their progress in the art of karate-do.  Our dojo takes pride in our grading process in which we use a panel of judges to establish a fair and impartial grading process based upon the skills of the practitioner.  This can be a tearful experience at times, but is also most rewarding in the measure of one's growth over time.

Posters:  Throughout the years we have created many posters that we have used to advertise our karate club.  Here you can find digital images of all the posters we have used through the years!

2018 Spooktacular:  Simba Dojo is proud to present the photos of the 2018 Spooktacular!  This is the second year that Simba Dojo took part in this Verrado Community event.  Each year the Verrado Community hosts it's Halloween festivities for the kids in the community.  The staff and students of Simba Dojo volunteer and sponsor the green screen booth where kids of all ages come dressed in their Halloween costumes to get their photos taken against a green screen.  We then use a little computer magic to transform their picture into a work of art!

2017 Spooktacular:  This was the first year we were asked to participate in Verrado's Spooktacular event!  We really did not know what to expect and felt a little disorganized.  So many more people showed up than we ever expected and a little panic was about to over come us.  With mindful effort, we managed to pull it off.  It took us weeks to process all the pictures!  Here are some highlights of our work.