In 1972, a movie series titled Kung Fu with David Carridine aired on TV which captured his imagination.  The series portrayed a Shaolin monk who traveled to America to escape retaliation after killing the Emperor's nephew.  The show not only introduced the martial arts of China, but also the philosophy of Chan Buddhism.  Martial arts in America was still a fairly new concept in America at that time and study opportunities were vary limited.  Training opportunities that were available, also cost money which also meant that it was not an option for the 8-year-old who grew up in a low-income family.  Official training in the martial arts began as a senior in high school with "American Karate" and eventually earning a black belt from them.   American Karate was a spin off from the martial arts of Asia and evolved out of the political and cultural differences of the time.  American Karate as the name suggested really centered on the American culture and language and focused on the physical nature of defense,.  It really did not meet Sensei's expectation as he was more interested in the cultural and mystical nature of the martial arts.  In the 80's a new martial art immerged in America which not only sparked a new interest, but exploded across America, Ninjutsu.  A lot of people all the sudden claimed they were ninja.  Sensei bought a lot of books on the subject and soon to realize their was a lot of fake claims and useless information out there.  However, there was one school with an unbroken lineage in the ninja art for over 900 years, Togakure Ryu, but again un-available to him due to distance and cost.  Out of high school, working and going to college, Sensei still with a strong interest in martial arts started studying the Japanese language.  He had tried other languages as well, German and Spanish, but had difficulty in relating to the languages and could not roll his r's.  Japanese, however, was a perfect fit.  He met a lot of people interested in the martial arts and started practicing in back yards with groups of friends which was the traditional way of practice.  One day, however, he found a local person who studied Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu in Arizona with Masaaki Hatsumi, Stephen Hayes and others.  Finally, with a little money in his pocket, his own transportation, friends with similar interest he started working out with the real ninja!  But as it would happen, things changed and had to quit for awhile as he was hit by a car while on a motorcycle, then lost his job.  The focus became on his career and studied clinical psychology as he wanted to help other people.  Again, blaming Kwai Chang Caine in the Kung Fu series for his career choice.  Sensei continued his study by attending a variety of workshops and cultural events in various martial arts, but never committing to a school.  Then one day he meets Sensei CC.  They started dating and it was not until well within their relationship, marriage, that they learned of each other's deep interest in the martial arts.  Sensei CC has always been very humble about her Shotokan karate, and it was actually her ex-husband that brought it to Sensei Woody's attention and suggested that she started teaching again.  Thus the concept of Simba Dojo was born.