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Simba Dojo offers training in traditional Shotokan Karate and meditation to promote a more rounded healthy life style. Shotokan Karate is perhaps the most popular form of karate in the world. Originally, karate was developed in Okinawa and popularized by Gichin Funakoshi who is known as the Father of Karate. Karate is a great way to promote exercise and mental wellbeing. Now you too can practice karate in Buckeye or Goodyear, Arizona!

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The choice to engage in the practice of karate is a smart one! There are many benefits for the child and adult alike!


No one ever wishes to be caught in a situation in which you must physically defend yourself. In today’s world the chance of having such an encounter is high. Are you prepared to defend yourself? Karate is an effective self-defense system that has been developing for over 200 years!


karate is the practice of discipline. The training requires one to adhere to a code of behavior, builds character and good citizenship. The mental and physical training helps in improving one’s ability to focus on tasks.


Stress is sometimes referred to as the #1 killer. Stress can lead to heart disease, cancer and other things. Karate provides a great outlet to relieve stress and improve your overall well-being. It can help lower anxiety and increase rational thinking. The physical practice of karate can help reduce aggression by channeling it through healthy positive means.


Unlike other fitness programs, karate conditions your mind, body and spirit as you are training. The exercises and drills are fun and exciting. You often do not realize you are getting a work out! The movements encourage correct posture, breathing while developing flexibility and balance.


Having the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones gives you the confidence to tackle all of life’s challenges. This is probably the most powerful life-changing benefit in the practice of karate. Study karate in Buckeye or Goodyear!


Joining our dojo is a great way to make new friends and build positive relationships! Adults develop social networks while children and teens gain positive influences through their instructors and fellow martial artists. Members gain a sense of belonging while developing new respect for their individuality. Beginner and Intermediate classes for karate in Buckeye and Goodyear, Arizona!

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Shotokan Karate

Shotokan Karate is the most widely practiced martial art in the world.

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Our classes are open to adults, teens and children of all ages.

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Our instructors are friendly and non-intimidating!


My daughter had been begging to begin karate. We had avoided it because we had heard more dissatisfied parents about fees and various other issues. When I saw City Of Goodyear Rec offered Karate at a very affordable rate I decided to check it out and if she liked it move to a non-rec organization. Well I have been so impressed with Sensei Cece & Woody I have no plans on leaving them. Amazing caring and loving individuals that my daughter cares deeply for. She loves her sessions and I have seen maturity and growth in who she is. Love this program!

Kathy McNamara